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We’re a small firm located in New York. All of our employees have years of experience working with social media influencers, ecommerce stores, retailers, and every possible niche you can imagine. Our staffers are some of the most trustworthy and knowledgable people you’ll meet. When you try our service, we’ll connect you with one who specifically specializes in your area.

We came together and started this business because we noticed this problem time and time again. Our family and friends would spend hours promoting on social media, but their numbers didn’t represent the hard work they put in. Whether you’re a social media influencer or business owner, we understand the burdening amount of responsibilities you have. You shouldn’t spend hours every day painfully trying to grow your social media. Leave the hard work to us, and start focusing on your more important priorities.

What drives us is the success stores we hear. We have helped some of our clients, starting from scratch, turn into 6 figure businesses. We’ve transformed their social media accounts into streams of clients, website sales, brand deals, sponsorships, shoutouts, and income opportunities. Best of all, this can happen to you too. We would love for you to try our 5 day trial because we know you’ll start seeing results.


Chief Executive Officer

Jimmy Lieu

Chief Executive Officer

Combine charm, intellect, and determination, and you have Jimmy. At 19 years old, he started ElsaHelps near the end of his freshmen year at Lehigh University. As our CEO, Jimmy creates marketing plans that enable our clients to rise above the competition. It’s almost absurd the level of devotion he has for our clients, but this devotion lets him exceed expectations with nearly every move he makes for our company. Jimmy has huge plans on taking ElsaHelps to the next level by expanding our service to corporations, e-commerce stores, and retailers.

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Elsahelps is a powerful Instagram marketing service that organically grows your following and engagements. We hire social media professionals who work full time to promote your brand. Our experts target only people who love and want to engage with your content. We’ll formulate and execute your marketing strategy while you watch your followers and likes grow! Best of all, this can happen to you too. Get real exposure with ElsaHelps!


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