We’ve been in the industry space for many years, ever since 2011.


After 24 hours of ordering, we do not provide refunds. This is due to the nature of our service.


First I really appreciate you recommend my service to your friends. We will take $50 off your next month’s invoice for each person you refer.


You need to talk to us first. Please send us a private message here and we can come up with a good solution for that and price as well.


We have a huge clientele list. During times like this, please stay patient. Someone on our team will get to you. We will typically always respond in less than 24 hours.


We’re a full-time business located in New York City. Our customer service is available 24/7. When you order from us, we’ll provide you our personal contact information. You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Our team have been involved with Instagram marketing for over 8 years now and have my own social media marketing firm. Many of our staff members have worked with Fortune 500 clients like Marriott and many other medium and small sized businesses. Plus, we are a huge team of social media professionals that has the resources, connections, and manpower to get your marketing done right.


Yes! We are not using any third party apps or software. Everything is done by my team and we will also use our analytics system to tack engagement and actions performed. The only criteria you need to have is account to be 1 month or older and have 15 or more posts.


No, I am saving the list of people you follow before the promotion and if you follow someone then that person won’t be unfollowed too.


Yes, absolutely! I highly suggest you to keep posting, that would really help us get much better results. Please make sure you are not following or unfollowing people during the promotion! Unaccounted variables may skew our results.