Case Studies

Case Study B


October. 23, 16


Shayanne Jefferson


Learn how ElsaHelps has helped an upcoming entrepreneur grow her Youtube channel.

We wanted to both grow Shayanne’s Instagram account and drive traffic to her Youtube channel. We made quite a few changes to her targeting to make sure we were growing her account with the highest quality users that wanted to engage with her content on Youtube as well.

167% More Viewership

Our service has helped her drive traffic to her Youtube channel. This has lead to almost a 2x increase in the amount of views she was previously getting.

Global Audience

Our service has helped her reach her target audience both domestically and internationally. ElsaHelps has allowed her to expand her reach and hit her target audiences much more effectively.

5K Subscribers

We’re extremely happy to see that she has recently crossed the 5K subscriber mark on Youtube. On Instagram, she went from 1,126 to 4,120 followers in 30 days.